Xperia z1 Compact

The Smartphone market is full of huge cell phones which, sometimes, won’t fit in your pocket. In fact, these new phones are very different from the ones we tend to use a decade ago, when smaller meant more technologic and, therefore, more stylish. Nowadays, it seems as if the formula was inverted: a bigger telephone means more technology and style. However, Sony doesn’t think this way. In fact, in terms of design, the company has decided that smaller means beautiful. Thus, they have come up with the new Xperia z1 compact. This smartphone has a 4.2 inch screen.

The model has been pitched as a premium compact and it is not targeted as a cheap phone. Their idea is to invent a new segment, one of the people who want to have all of the technology in a more manageable area. Sony thinks that the screen sizes for other phones are getting out of hand and that instead of cellphones, people are using something that resembles a computer.  

In fact, statistics prove Sony’s point. Recent data from surveys support the company’s theory. It seems as 45% of the people who bought a phone with a 5 inch (or bigger) screen, then bought a much smaller phone to replace it. 

Lululemon Bend Over Pants Tranparency Issue

Yoga Pants are used to exercise and feel comfortable and why not, to do your daily routine and common chores if you do not feel like dressing up with denim or any other pant or skirt. The truth is that they are very comfortable because there are no zippers nor ties to fight with and nowadays you can find plenty of different designs, different fabrics, different models, sizes and qualities.

Lululemon is one of the most used brands there are in the market but recently, users started to take pictures of them using their bend over pants and hundreds of people had the same problem: an uncomfortable transparency issue. Wall Street Analysists were aware of the situation and asked the yoga pants retailer what was their opinion about it and if they had any plan about the returns.

Lin their defense, Lululemon said that some shipments of black luon leggings did not meet their standards and they have been already taken out from stores. She said that the only way to test transparency is to use them to bend over, but that the pants had passed the metric tests but they did not isolate the problem and took care of it as customers were already receiving full refunds and exchanges.